Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Slice of life # 7 two different country's

Today I'm going to talk about two different county and they are Palestine and American why did I picked this two county because I lived in this two county and I know about them a lot of things and I want to talk about them because I lived i the two of them there are lot of things are different for, American to Palestine like American is so different in school why because her we get iPads but there we talk books and t so fun for use because we can try the both and see how is the best and do you know that the iPad is more easy because there we have to use lot of paper but her we just use the iPad and that's to much better for use and our teachers.
And her is amazing pictures for Palestine and American come lets see the pictures together:
This is a picture for the flags of American and Palestine 
I just talk about the school because it better if we talk about them but not in one time I hope you liked my blog I know it's sort why because you can read my blog and have lot of fun then reading a big blog and you don't like it that's all 
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The End 👍🏻


  1. You present a really interesting comparison, and my school is slowly changing from paper to technology oriented, so it is in the middle of yours. Nice slice!

  2. What's another thing that's different in Palestine from America?

  3. Yes, tell us more about how Palestine is different!
    Thanks for sharing your stories and ideas! :-)


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