Monday, March 20, 2017

Slice of life #20 A first time going to school

today I'm going to talk about a first time going to school. Okay lets start. The first time I want to school it was so hard for me. Why? Because, I like was in another school and I moved to a different school, because you have to now lot of things form school to school that's why and you have to pick new friends but I tried to, but I can't have real friends in the first week that why it's hard for some people like me but in the second week I had a friend she is so nice to me we liked each other and we are now best friend.
See in the first you can't let ever thing how you want but you just have to want a little bit. Lets see a photo together.

This picture shows as that the girl is so happy to go o school. Lets see the other picture.

This picture shows as that girl is so afraid I hate w it happens with me I see it so embarrassing.

The End 👍🏻

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