Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Born too short

The book I read is called born too short and it's by Dan Elish and the genre of this book is fiction this book is about:
Matt Greene is 5'1", a nerd, invisible to girls, and has a best friend who's the biggest stud at Hannaford School in New York City. Babes practically trip over Matt to get to Keith, a guy so studly his smile is featured in a toothpaste ad. Sure, sometimes Matt gets a little jealous. And once, at the peak of Keith's studliness, Matt wishes his best friend's life would fall apart. A little extreme? Sure. But not as extreme as the changes that are about to take place....
One reason I liked this book was:
Teenage angst may be no laughing matter, but readers will find it hard not to giggle over the misadventures of Elish's (The Worldwide Dessert Contest) 5'1½" eighth-grade narrator, Matt Greene, who is constantly outshined by his best friend, Keith Livingston. 
You should read this book to find out:
To see if the boy is going to be still to short not.

The End 👍🏻

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